Hevolution Foundation Announces New Contribution to Impetus Grants to Advance Aging Science

Building on Successful Program from 2022, Commits $5 Million in Matching Funding

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – July 25, 2023 – Hevolution Foundation, a global non-profit organization that provides grants and early-stage investments to incentivize research and entrepreneurship in healthspan science, announces that it is providing $5 Million in matching funding to Impetus Grants, a non-profit science funding organization focused on longevity research. The Rosenkranz Foundation, founded by Robert Rosenkranz, Chairman of Delphi Capital Management, has also pledged $5 Million, for a total contribution of $10 Million.

“Following our matching funding for Impetus Grants last summer, we are pleased to partner with the organization once again,” commented Dr. Mehmood Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Hevolution Foundation. “We are confident that this program will help advance the boundaries of aging science and pave the way for transformative discoveries.” 

The initiative aims to contribute to the acceleration of scientific breakthroughs in the aging research space and to help extend human healthspan. This pledge builds on Hevolution’s $2 Million in matching funds for Impetus Grants, to support 14 research projects, announced in August 2022. A list of recipients is available here.

Information about applying for funding under this new program will be available on the Impetus Grants website starting on August 1, 2023.

About Impetus Grants

Established in 2021, Impetus Grants is dedicated to supporting innovative ideas in the aging space that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional funders. The organization has successfully deployed over $24 million into scientific research projects, including aging-related clinical trials, biomarker research, and the development of novel tools and model organisms related to the aging process.

About Rosenkranz Foundation

The Rosenkranz Foundation was established by Robert Rosenkranz in 1985. Its focus is on public policy research, higher education, arts and sciences. Robert Rosenkranz is Chairman of Delphi Capital Management and the founder of a group of investment and private equity partnerships. From 1987 until 2018 he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Delphi Financial Group, an insurance company with some $20 billion in assets. Delphi grew from one of his acquisitions and increased its value 100-fold under his leadership